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Following would be a short account of a MozStumbling event organized at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology,West Bengal on the 9th of September led by Sumantro Mukherjee, GeoLocation India Task Force Member and organized jointly by myself and fellow Mozillian Ranodeep Saha. Following the arrival of the B-Tech first years into the collage and the V3 Pilot Event taking off in a few days’ time, this was the perfect platform for the young minds to know Open Source and grow their own contribution areas. All we needed to stumble was an Android phone, the MozStumbler App and GPS enablation. And voila, you’re contributing. This proved to be the toast of events as leaderboards were created and Stumbling continued. Doubts were addressed and registrations were made. About 60 first year and second year students took part in this awesomeness. A proper introductory session by Sumantro Mukherjee preceded the MozStumbler App Download followed by registrations and Swag distributions. For starters, Stumblong proved to be quite the easiest thing to get off the mark with. The leaders at the end of the 7days tenure would be awarded special prizes viz. Swags, Community introduction etc. Fantastic events on a small scale that promised an output worth mentioning. Precisely what we organizers had in mind. Signing off,Priyansu Ganguly.

Thanks Guys………

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Here for Firefox…….

P.C. Ranodeep Saha

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#Windows 10 Community Activation Event @Mozilla Kolkata Community

“These changes aren’t unsettling to us because we’re the organization that makes Firefox. They are unsettling because there are millions of users who love Windows and who are having their choices ignored, and because of the increased complexity put into everyone’s way if and when they choose to make a choice different than what Microsoft prefers.”

————————–Chris Beard,CEO,Mozilla in an Open Letter to Satya Nadella,CEO,Microsoft discussing about the lack of a genaralised default browser option in Windows 10.

Freedom matters,so does privacy. Through our efforts in the recent past and Seniors’ in the distant as well as the time being, we stand as ONE against usurping of user rights. Windows 10 Activation Clinic is built on the very basis of retaining Firefox users on Windows 10. Mozilla Kolkata Community, one the most active and powerful communities today in the nation,came to the fore yet again with a Train the Trainers session defining the methods to retain Firefox as the default browser on the very latest platform offered by Windows. Biraj Karmakar,senior Community member,Mozilla Rep took the onus of hosting this event at a MozCoffee session on Saturday 5th September. Senior Community member Sumantro Mukherjee, Mozilla rep also graced the occasion. Numerous FSAs and Mozillians gathered to make things happen for Mozilla when it matters the most.

Here is the Facebook page link:


Introductions were done with and inspiring contribution stories were shared. talking about the various challenges that lay ahead, goals,target markets and strategies were taken care of.Slides were shown and opinions were dicussed. Participants coined means of conducting clinics in collages and roads through innovative ideas on sticky notes. Resources were shared and amplification procedures were discussed. Snacks and a great photo session brought an end to a wonderful day of Firefox,yet again.


We hope to have a massive output of this event as several FSAs and Mozillians alike took on the responsibility to reach out to Windows 10 users in their campuses and host respective Windows 10 Clinics.

“When the Going Gets Tough,The Tough Get Going……”

Here’s signing off……..

Priyansu Ganguly

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Mozilla Kolkata Community Meet-Up 2015

“I’m going to tell you the story about the geese which fly 5000 miles from Canada to France. They fly in V-formation but the second ones don’t fly. They’re the subs for the first ones. And then the second ones take over, so it’s Teamwork.”

————–Sir Alex Ferguson

Believe it or not, teamwork works wonders even in the most difficult of circumstances. A community can make heads turn in a matter of days if be driven by the proper passion and the thirst for the goal be genuine. Mozilla Kolkata Community, one of the fastest growing and most active Communities in the entire world, leave alone the nation, came together on the 29th and 30th of August in the Community Meetup Kolkata . Organized by Moz Rep Biraj Karmakar and led by Senior Mozillians Sumantro Mukherjee and Srijib Roy among others, the Community met with the sole aim of taking the Community forward together in the future. No stone was left unturned as mails came flying in, invites were sent out, events and portals were being created. Here is the Reps Portal link:

Day 1, Café Coffee day, Park Street, Kolkata:

The two day event kicked off with a bang as pleasantries were exchanged and snacks were ordered. Talks continued over the ways and means of what strengthens the Community and improving Contribution pathways. WoMoz and Net Neutrality issues popped up as usual. Records of past events were taken note of and future events were planned accordingly. Participants expressed their views on why they are proud of being a Community member and what improvements would they like through the Quilt session comprising of three basic questions:

  1. Why are they proud to be a part of the Mozilla Kolkata Community?
  2. What challenges they face as a part of the Community?
  3. What are their goals for the future with this Community?


Events of the last session were taken note of and they turned out to be 35+ while more than 25 events have been planned in the ensuing session. The three hour event ended with a group photo session with tweets and posts flooding the social media in the meantime.


Day 2, Meet Up Space, Barasat:

The second day of the meet up saw the Task Force Kolkata being built up under the able guidance of the seniors of the Community for greater Community Devolopment and Community Recognition stats being chalked out. Welcoming newbies, assigning tasks and having regular Meet Ups became the talking point as the Community organized itself into a potent force. A regular blog of the Mozilla Kolkata Community would be published every month with reports from all over the month. Social Networking presence strengthening for live event promotion and Contribution pathways were discussed and questions were being answered. The post lunch session saw the discussion being directed towards future events planning, problems sorting and task assigning. As always, a photo session concluded the events for the day.


Two days of Mozilla is fun in itself, but that too with members of your Community is a different experience altogether. The very experience of working in a team thrills you, and imagine when the team is this Cool. As wise men say, “Do what you love, love what you do!” It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be a part of the Mozilla Kolkata Community and to be able to co-ordinate and contribute to Open-Source in ways this fun. Cheers…………

Here for Open-Souce……….

Here for Firefox…………


SUMO Session in Kolkata

Hola Guys,

Support Mozilla,or preferably SuMo is one of the most interesting and intriguing contribution areas in Mozilla. The Mozilla Kolkata Community came together on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 9th August to SUMO Session in Kolkata at MeetUp Space,Barasat organised by Mozilla Rep Biraj Karmakar. Here is the Reps Portal Link:

Here’s the Etherpad link:


Throughout the day,we had various aspects of Mozilla SuMo explained. From contribution methods in Army of Awesome to Localization,all aspects where properly explained by Rep Biraj Karmakar as well as Senior SuMo contributers. Twitter accounts weer syned and help was handed out to whoever wanted it. After all,that’s what we aim to do,a better web,a better world.

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The post lunch session comprised of SuMo bn-IN Localisation sprint where all participants took part whole heartedely. Contributions poured in during the session and we hope for further contributions in this area during the coming days. To wrap it up,it was a very engaging session and participants managed to learn a lot from the 5 hours they spent. We hope to have many such events in the future and keep contributing to SuMo.

Here for Open-Source……..

Here for Firefox………….


Maker Party on Road #First Time in the World

“Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”             ——-Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

My deepest condolences for the departed soul.But,he continues to live with us forever.

Sometimes its not the goals that matter,it’s the path leading to it that does.As the Maker party season kicks off with great aplomb all over the world, you cant help but notice the passion,hunger and thirst for knowledge among people in general.Thats what is most intriguing and overwhelming.

We,here at the Mozilla Kolkata Community took this a step further.Organised by Mozilla Rep Biraj Karmakar,Maker Party on roads was a whole new idea altogether.On the one hand you get to know people from all walks of life,be it a techie,be it a chaiwala,on the other hand it gives you the pleasure of educating crowds about who you are and what you do on a massive scale.every time we stopped for a roadside event,we witnessed enthusiastic people crowding in,taking our efforts to all all new extent.Its fruitless denying the fact that the idea was unique and the execution was difficult.But then,we do make impossibles happen,don’t we?



We had our categories as WEB LITERACY,WEB PRIVACY,MAKING COOL STUFF,FUN & GAMES and Q&A SESSIONS.As audiences chose from this wide range,we took over.It was heartning to see quite a few “Web Literate” people while Web Privacy turned out to be the genie in the box.One of the most conversed topics,Web Privacy seems to worry all,and why not? Fun loving people engaged themselves in Fun and Games while Webmaker App amused people in how they could create a whole new app in matter of seconds.<HTML></HTML> gobbled up people as they tried to get their recent studies right.

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Last but not the least,the weather.With torrential rainfall in the morning,disrupting the civil life of the city,we were lucky enough as the Sun shone down on us in the afternoon.Luckyly enough,our 4 hour lasted uninterrupted without a single drop of rain and pleasant weather.Surprisingly enough,evening showers took over as our job for the ended,making us feel all the more lucky.It was as if the rains held on for those exact 4 hours,just for the sake of the “FIRST MAKER PARTY ON ROAD”.

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Cheers to Mozilla,cheers to Maker party………….

Here for Open Source…….

Here for Firefox………….

Here for Open Source…….

Here for Firefox………….


First Maker Party of The City of Joy!!

Hola Guys,

This is the season of Maker Party.The entire Mozilla Community along with so many others are commited to make the most of this oppourtunity. At the end of the day,we believe in not only Technological advancements,but advancements on moral and cultural grounds as well.Here at Mozilla,we are not only are promoting a free web but also pride in taking enriching the society with richer and cleaner and innovative ideas!!Maker Party is a coming together of people from different classes of the society.Less for technocrats,more for the Modern day man……….For more on Maker Party,do check out this link:

Here’s the meet-up space link:

We,here at the Kolkata Community,took part in the first Maker Party of the city organized by Biraj Karmakar,Mozilla Rep,held at the Meet-Up Space,Barasat on Sunday,19th July.As the guys gathered round,we were given a short introduction on Maker Party before we started making our makes on the Webmaker application on Android.Photo-clicking sessions ensued and experiences were shared among one another.I made a story on Manchester United,my favourite club on my phone!!Turned out to be quite an intriguing experience.Have a look:

IMG-20150720-WA0002 IMG-20150720-WA0003 IMG-20150720-WA0001 IMG-20150720-WA0000 IMG-20150720-WA0004

Overall,it was a great experience coupled with the time we got to spend with one another.May this maker Party season be even more awesome.


Here for Open-Source….

Here for Firefox……….


Online Maker party – A Prelude for Better Things To Come

Mozilla and its drive for Innovation is nothing new.We as a Open Source Community not only believe in building but in creating dreams.Innumerable volunteers around the globe are going to embrace the Maker Party season that kicks off on 15th and ends on the 31st of this month.In the wake of such a grand occassion,it was a fantastic endaevour to host the Online Maker Party on 12th July.The ball is set rolling and now it shall find its own way.Participants were asked to participate and create their own makes.This event held online lasted for more  than a couple of hours.

These were the themes:

  1. Women in technology
  2. Net neutrality
  3. How will IoT affect the upcoming market
  4. FoxYeah
  5. 10 reasons why you love Mozilla

The makes ultimately were really mesmerizing.Do help yourself from the list down below:

  1. Anirudha |
  2. Veera Manikanta.| Check out this project on Webmaker!
  3. Sukanta Pal | Check out this project on Webmaker!
  4. Abhyudaya Chatterjee | Check out this on Webmaker!
  5. Sukanya 
  6. Priyansu Ganguly 

7. Suryadip Basu | Hey check out my page on net neutrality. | /LTE1MDI5MzY1NzY=/net-nutrality-webmaker-2015 

If an online event can be this amazing,imagine what we would do offline.Gear up people,Maker Party’s here!!!!

Here for Open-Source………..

Here for Firefox………..