The Mozilla Journey – Nov, 2014 to Present

Hello All,

So, I’d be completing One and a Half Years journey in Mozilla this August and I thought I’d share my vibrant experiences with this wonderful Community I’ve learnt to refer to as Mozilla India Community and Mozilla Kolkata Community.

I’d like to put forward my past experiences, my goals and my way forward as I look to materialize Mozilla’s Mission in the coming years.

I’d be proud to say that I’ve been brought up from scratch beautifully since I joined Mozilla as a volunteer back in November, 2014. I’ve had great seniors who have taught me the art of upbringing and nurturing volunteers, focusing their talents and bringing out the best in them. I, personally hold strong views for imbibing Mozilla Mission and Community Building values into juniors/colleagues/new contributors. Over the last year, I’ve been involved in the organization and implementation of events where I’ve tried to encourage new contributors in joining Open-Source and specifically Mozilla keeping in mind Mozilla’s Mission and the values it teaches us. I’d be pleased to note that I’ve managed to reach out to newbies and potential contributors as a whole through this process of mine. Some of my events would include:

  • Mass Privacy Campaign, Kolkata

  • ·         Privacy Campaign @JU, Salt Lake

  • ·         MozStumbling Event @MAKAUT,WB

  • ·         Konstruct 2K15 & 2K16

  • ·         Firefox Hello Demo & MozIntro

  • ·         Mozilla FSA Information and FSA Demo

The journey has been awesome, to say the least.

I’d have continued writing about my quest for expanding the horizons of our Community and describe all the beautiful things I’ve come across. But, restraining myself from the same, I’d like to impress the fact upon readers that it is only an Organization as a whole that can make a difference and in Communities like ours, the task is not only to onboard new contributors, but lead them and guide them through the right steps as a senior should. Through these years of my experience, I’ve come to know about the various ways to get started, the ice-breaking tips and could provide insights into what lays in store for consistent contributors in Mozilla, being one myself. The Community provides us with opportunities for interactions and meet-ups with such newbies, but throughout my tenure as a volunteer for Mozilla, I’ve understood the essence of guiding a newcomer and these events of mine hold proof of the passion I harbor in this regard:

  • ·         Mozilla Teach the Web Session and Mozilla Science Lab Session

  • ·         Maker Party on Road – First Time in the World

  • ·         MozTour NIT Dgp – Huge crowd presence

Lastly, I’d come down to the things I’ve learnt while being in this rich Community from a Learner’s point of view, knowledge I can later pertain to my juniors or while on-boarding new contributors. I’ve always been a firm believer of the fact that a leader should lead by example. While being involved in promotions and wonderful campaigns for Mozilla over the last one and a half years, I’ve made sure that my contribution to Functional Areas never dip and I remain a consistent and dependable candidate my seniors can bank on. I’d always stress on the importance of work before talk and I’d like to mention my contribution highlights in the past time to stay proof of what I state:

  • ·         I’ve been contributing consistently for the last two years to specific Functional Areas as well as Mozilla Initiatives.

·         I’m a core Committee member of the Mozilla Kolkata Community, I handle documentation for the Community.

  • I’ve been contributing to specific Functional Areas consistently namely,
  1. I’ve been leading Army of Awesome(SUMO) for consistent four months now, since April.
  2. I’m the leading bn_IN localizer for my Community for the past two months.
  3. I was awarded the FSA of the Month December,2016 for my consistent contributions.

Having said all that, the road is only half traveled. The dreams is to stay true to promises, make sure of Mozilla Mission and its initiatives’ implementation and hold the head high in demanding situations. I sign off as a contributor, who has loved every bit of this journey, has been blessed with some impeccable seniors and is keen to be a senior of that stature to the future lot. Mozilla’s Mission and Mozilla Goals are of utmost priority for me and I’m always the guy to take one for the team!!


Priyansu Ganguly


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