Mozilla L10n Hackathon, Kolkata


Mozilla L10n Hackathon, Kolkata organised by Mozilla Rep Ayan Chowdhury turned out to be one heck of a productive session as attendees comprising of Mozillians and Mozilla Reps alike took on the onus of contributing to one of the most popular and important contribution areas, Mozilla L10n. Pootle leftover and pending strings were the major focus for the day as contributors got to work after a brief introduction to Mozilla L10n.  The pre and post lunch sessions were predominantly boring with contributors pegging away at their laptops and the leaderboards being updated from time to time. L10n aoart, newbies were introduced to other contribution pathways of Mozilla during breaks. A productive event to say the least, thanks to all participants for coming over and participating in what was one of the most knowledgeable events recently.



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