Mass Privacy Campaign, Kolkata


International Data Privacy Day, 28th Jan, 2016 took off to a flier as me and my fellow Mozillian Arkopal Ray conducted Mass Privacy Campaign at MAKAUT,WB among fellow juniors and classmates. They were made aware of the various ways that our data is tracked and shown ways to prevent them. Separate methods such as using Private Browsing Window, turning “Do Not Track Me” on Firefox settings and Lightbeam were showcased. A small but interested and entusiastic group of students responded vibrantly to the awesomeness that is Lightbeam. The event was devised as multiple campaigns at the same time. But then, as they say “Charity Begins at Home”. We are immensely grateful for these resources from Community members and seniors:

I would also like to personally congratulate Arkopal Ray on the planning and implementation of the same event at the last hour. Way to go.

Here for Open-Source……

Here for Firefox……..




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