Privacy Campaign @JU, Salt Lake

28th January, 2016 would be celebrated as International Data Privacy Day. In an age dominated by cyber frauds, data hacks and cyber-crimes, the very topic of Data Privacy is of utmost importance. Mozilla, one of the pioneers in Open-Source Technology around the world, takes up the month of January, 2016 as Privacy Month and encourages numerous FSAs and Mozillians around the World to teach basic privacy tools, be cyber-smart and stay clear of frauds and scams.

Myself and my fellow Mozillian friend Ranodeep Saha organized a Privacy event at Jadavpur University, Salt Lake Campus named Privacy Campaign @JU, Salt Lake on 16th January, 2016. We were honoured by the involvement of Moz Reps from the Mozilla Kolkata Community viz. Sumantro Mukherjee and Ayan Chowdury.

Facebook Event Link

Reps Portal Link


The event kicked off with Sumantro Mukherjee introducing Mozilla and its goals, Contribution pathways and speakers introduction. Ranodeep Saha next talked about the FSA program and responsibilities, his experiences as a Mozilla Senior FSA. Arkopal Ray, fellow FSA from Mozilla Kolkata Community took a session on Data Privacy and its importance which preceded my session on Mozilla Privacy agendas and tools viz. Lightbeam. Live Demos were given as the audience were made aware of Cyber Security mechanisms and threats. Ayan Chowdhury signed off the event with an introduction to Mozilla India, Mozilla Kolkata Community and ways to get in touch.

We’d (Me and Ranodeep as well as Mozilla Kolkata Community) would be looking to arrange more events on #PrivacyMonth in the coming weeks. An amazing initiative as acknowledged by many participants too. Thank You, Mozilla.

Here for Open-Source…………….

Here for Firefox………………


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