Mozilla Kolkata MeetUp @Dec 26

Newer dreams bring about newer aspirations, newer hopes bring about newer resolutions and newer commitments bring about a newer us. Mozilla Kolkata Community got together at Café Coffee Day, Park Street, Kolkata on Boxing Day to look back on what has been a memorable year for the Community in many ways and what could be a fantastic year in the making. Avik Pal, Senior Community Leader and Mozilla Rep, deserves special mention for bringing together folks in a festive season predominated by hang-outs and buddy times.

The Community grows larger with every passing day as more and more contributrors are onboarded and we add to our Diversity. With a total of 19 participants Mozilla Kolkata Meet-Up has turned into one of the most participated Meet-Ups ever. Formal introductions done and over with, we looked back at the highlights for the Community in 2K15, amongst which Konstruct, Maker Party on Road, Moz Tour NIT Dgp and several Functional Areas events hold special significance. The total event list has been updated by Ayan Chowdhury here.


Snacks and coffee slurped down, we ponder on what we look forward to in 2K16. Sticky Notes being filled, the etherpad being updated, views being shared, from what the atmosphere was, you could well imagine that the next few months are going to be engaging. With the January Privacy Month coming up, FSAs are geared up to make the most of it as are Senior Reps and Mozillians on Mega Events for the year. New faces were met, introduced to and listened to as the evening rolled on. Here’s the Etherpad link.

Photo session concluded the proceedings for the day. A special Congratulations to Sumantro Mukherjee, Gourab Patra and Sukanta Pal for making it to the Leadership Summit, Singapore from our beloved Community. Looking forward to a cracking Privacy month!!!

Here for Open-Source………….

Here for Firefox………………

Priyansu Ganguly


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