Mozilla Kolata Community Activation

The very existence of development is to learn from anything and everything existing around you. And who better than the Senior most folks to appreciate and guide you through. Mozilla Kolkata Community had one of its fascinating Community Activation Meet-Ups  arranged by Srijib Roy and Ayan Chowdhury on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja Soshti here in Kolkata.

We were humbled by the presence of Senior Mozilla Reps and Reps Mentors Sayak Sarkar and Avik Pal being the most notable ones. A bunch of new faces introduced themselves during the Introductory session which slowly transformed into seniors sharing their contribution stories with junior members. This being one of the most notable festivals in the Eastern part of the country, greetings were being exchanged and wishes were forwarded.

Fresh contributors were inducted. Their areas of focus and interests were taken note of and handed over to the specific Mentors present. Firefox App Development seemed to be the crunch of the moment as contributions were discussed. Tea break ensued.


Future events and contribution Community plans were discussed. As part of one of the most active Communities in the world, notably the Mozilla India Community, our community ie. Mozilla Kolkata Community aims to bring in more notable contributors in the coming days. Online as well as offline events are lined up. This gets us excited nonetheless.

Overall, the Community Activation Event turned out to be a huge learning curve for us from notable Seniors. But then, as I’ve always mentioned, one of the most important upsides of contributing to Mozilla has been the co-operation and helping hand of Seniors in your Community or otherwise. Priviledged.

Here for Open-Source…………

Here for Firefox……..



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