Moz Tour NIT Dgp — 2 Days of Mozilla Awesomeness!!

The very essence of fulfillment in life is to do what you love and to be with whom you love. Mozilla, being one of the pioneers in Open-Source technology, fascinates one and all. And as we always say, the web needs nourishment. The very thought of an open web is engrossing and it sure did show at the Moz Tour NIT Dgp help at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur,India on 3-4 October,2015.

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Bright sunny days welcomed us to this city of Durgapur, also hosting one of the largest Steel plants of the nation. Five Mozillians, including Biraj Karmakar, organizer of the event, were treated to amazing facilities and a very eager and hungry crowd at the D.M.Sen Auditorium on Day 1,3rd October,2015. After engaging introductory sessions by Biraj Karmakar and Srijib Roy, the focus shifted to specific functional areas. Speakers assigned for specific domains took quick sessions as Mozilla became the talk of the session. Biraj Karmakar introduced l10n and How To Contribute to Mozilla as did Srijib Roy, Mozilla Rep, on QA. Debapriya Bhattacharya handled SUMO while Sumantro Mukherjee made the best out of Firefox OS. I, Priyansu Ganguly had my task cut out with FSA programme, recruitments, responsibilities and sign-ups. Speeches were kept short, precise and focused on engaging the best minds into different contribution areas. Interested participants had to select a minimum of one functional area to contribute to during the next day hackathon and not surprisingly, Firefox OS scored the best points. Day 1 ended with feedbacks, questions and awesome swag distribution.


An overnight hackathon session was taken by Sumantro Mukherjee at the campus itself from 0000 hours to 0200 hhours of 3rd October. Firefox OS basics were discussed and codes were hacked on as the night grew old. With an overall attendance of 30 people, we signed off what we would love to call a great day. The ground was set, we expected fireworks tomorrow. And boy, did we have it??


4th October turned out to outstanding as far as contributers education is concerned. As each of the speakers/mentors took over their own teams, we saw a huge surge in excitement as contributions poured in. Educational as well as imformal, Sumantro Mukherjee took over his team of Firefox OS, Biraj Karmakar promoted l10n contributions, Srijib Roy took care of QA guys, Debapriya Bhattacharya worked with his team of SUMO and myself worked with interested FSA candidates. the matrix would be enough to show the output. Contribution to Marketplace, AoA, Pootle, Bugzilla and FSA prevailed either side of a hectic lunch break. To sign off, FSA, Summit and MozFest videos were shown to encourage the participants. Swags specific to contribution were distributed among the most active participants and pictures were clicked. The awesome response to the Contribution Areas was really a heart warming experience. Apart from on-boarding loads of contributors, it was nice to share the passion and dream of an Open Web, a web that has no boundries. Truly, the Mozilla Mission continues to inspire us.


Being a part of the Moz Team that toured, I would like to thank Dipak Kumar and Adarsh Shah from the bottom of my heart for their awesome support. I would also extend my greetings to Namit, Aditi, Sankarshan and Sayantan, to name a few. All you guys have been awesome!!

Here for Open-Source………….

Here for Firefox…………..


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