MozStumbling Event @MAKAUTWB


Hello there,

Following would be a short account of a MozStumbling event organized at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology,West Bengal on the 9th of September led by Sumantro Mukherjee, GeoLocation India Task Force Member and organized jointly by myself and fellow Mozillian Ranodeep Saha. Following the arrival of the B-Tech first years into the collage and the V3 Pilot Event taking off in a few days’ time, this was the perfect platform for the young minds to know Open Source and grow their own contribution areas. All we needed to stumble was an Android phone, the MozStumbler App and GPS enablation. And voila, you’re contributing. This proved to be the toast of events as leaderboards were created and Stumbling continued. Doubts were addressed and registrations were made. About 60 first year and second year students took part in this awesomeness. A proper introductory session by Sumantro Mukherjee preceded the MozStumbler App Download followed by registrations and Swag distributions. For starters, Stumblong proved to be quite the easiest thing to get off the mark with. The leaders at the end of the 7days tenure would be awarded special prizes viz. Swags, Community introduction etc. Fantastic events on a small scale that promised an output worth mentioning. Precisely what we organizers had in mind. Signing off,Priyansu Ganguly.

Thanks Guys………

Here for Open-Source……

Here for Firefox…….

P.C. Ranodeep Saha

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