Online Maker party – A Prelude for Better Things To Come

Mozilla and its drive for Innovation is nothing new.We as a Open Source Community not only believe in building but in creating dreams.Innumerable volunteers around the globe are going to embrace the Maker Party season that kicks off on 15th and ends on the 31st of this month.In the wake of such a grand occassion,it was a fantastic endaevour to host the Online Maker Party on 12th July.The ball is set rolling and now it shall find its own way.Participants were asked to participate and create their own makes.This event held online lasted for more  than a couple of hours.

These were the themes:

  1. Women in technology
  2. Net neutrality
  3. How will IoT affect the upcoming market
  4. FoxYeah
  5. 10 reasons why you love Mozilla

The makes ultimately were really mesmerizing.Do help yourself from the list down below:

  1. Anirudha |
  2. Veera Manikanta.| Check out this project on Webmaker!
  3. Sukanta Pal | Check out this project on Webmaker!
  4. Abhyudaya Chatterjee | Check out this on Webmaker!
  5. Sukanya 
  6. Priyansu Ganguly 

7. Suryadip Basu | Hey check out my page on net neutrality. | /LTE1MDI5MzY1NzY=/net-nutrality-webmaker-2015 

If an online event can be this amazing,imagine what we would do offline.Gear up people,Maker Party’s here!!!!

Here for Open-Source………..

Here for Firefox………..



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