Mozilla Teach The Web Session and Science Lab Mission

Hi Everybody,

This is Priyansu Ganguly,Open-Source Contributer,Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassador and Scrollback Campus Buddy.

“”We all agree that poverty is the biggest curse faced by humanity. We all want to fight it and eradicate it. However, longer we see it around us the more we tend to get immunized to it. It is not uncommon in India to see opulent palatial buildings rising out of slum dwellings around them. People living in them eventually view and accept poverty as a part of life.

To fight poverty it is important that we first acknowledge it. We must accept the fact that as a nation and as affluent citizens we have not met our social and ethical obligations. We simply cannot blame the poor for their own demise and wash our hands. This step is critical to dispel this “immunity” toward poverty and begin the internal awakening to do something about it.””

—–Dr.Gopal Singh

In light of the above, we,myself and my fellow Mozillian Ranodeep Saha travelled to one of the dirtiest and filthiest places in the City of Joy,Kolkata,where joy doesn’t mean good pieces of tech,great outings or plush livings.Here,joy means having that one meal after an entire day earned through hard work and dedication through whatever jobs you are made to do.Its a world of its own,a unknown territory that the so-called civilized believe has ceased to exist.Travelling through puddles,carrying footwear in our hands,we reached this place on the outskirts of Kolkata to perform a Teach the  Web session promoting Mozilla Science Lab.

Surprisingly,not only kids,but also middle aged people participated actively in what they realized was their “Padhai Ka Din”.I would specifically like to thank all the adults present there for their outstanding support and passion towards knowledge.Starting from the basics principles like Colour of Fire and that of the sky,we ended up with Newton’s Laws.Although,ts very natural that a major fraction of them didn’t understand a bulk of what we were speaking,towards the later stages,their enthusiasm was enough to keep us going.

To be very frank,I’ve crossed an entire school life and a year of collage,but trust me,I’ve never done something that made me feel as good as this ever before.Its a dream not only Mozilla sees,but we,as a whole,the entire community see,and are commited to make It true.Thank you Mozilla for this wonderful platform.A fascinating dream,a fantastic experience.Here’s signing off,Priyansu Ganguly,from the Mozilla Kolkata Community.

Here for Open-Source……..

Here for Firefox…………..
img_20150624_1707250701 img_20150624_1707377271 img_20150624_1708308321 img_20150624_1708486642


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