Konstruct 2K15 – Kolkata’s First Ever Open-Source Fest


What You are looking at right now is the poster of Kolkata,the City of Joy’s  first ever Open-Source Fest,Konstruct held from 27th February to 1st March at the West Bengal University of Technology,Salt Lake.Interested?Keep reading!!!

Hi one and all,

This is Priyansu Ganguly,a Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassador and Scrollback Campus Buddy from WBUT In-House.I may also take the priviledge of introducing myself as a Committee Member of Konstruct 2K15.The Fest was predominantly taken over by Open-Source communities who through this platform,tried contributing something for the Open Web.

The Link to the Konstruct Website: http://konstruct.wbut.ac.in/

FB Link of the Konstruct Page : https://www.facebook.com/konstructwbut

Reps Portal Link to Konstruct : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/konstruct-fest-wbut/

Let me browse you through the 3 days of awesomeness we had:

Day 1(27th February):

Linux User Group:After the opening speech by the GS,Ranodeep Saha and myself,the ball was set rolling as Linux User Group took over.Discussions on Open Source, Linux, Unity, Libreoffice, Graphics (Image editiong, 3d animation + game engine in Linux), Linux security, Ubuntu touch (Ubuntu for mobiles), Raspberry Pi, Oikyo Linux etc ensued.


Firefox OS Booth:Now this turned out to awesome.Enthusiasm was on display as Mozillians managed the Firefox Booth showcasing several Firefox devices.Other devices took a backseat as interested participants checked out Firefox OS devices and were mesmerized by the same.


Codathon @CodeClub WBUT: The University’s sharpest minds sprung into action as the Codathon was held for over 2 hours,finally only 2 teams being able to solve a couple of questions among the set of 6 questions.Quite an intense period,as you would suppose,phew………


Moreover,Day 1 saw a session on Cognotics and Computer Vision,a session on 3D imaging and graphical display in the most interesting of ways.Proved to be quite a handful for thinking minds.

Day 2(28th February):

Pre-Null Meet: NULL is acclaimed to be a non-profit “open_Information_security_community”, where Hackers,Infosec Professionals,Security Enthusiast get the open arena to share their knowledge and can discuss the latest trends on vulnerabilities,exploits and security risks.
The Pre-null meet was organized in Konstruct_2K15….and gave brilliant insights into the world of Security Intelligence and Data Security.One of the most appreciated events of Konstruct 2K15.


Wikipedia editathon:Wikipedia,another Open-Source Community,participated in Konstruct 2K15 through the Wikipedia Editathon,hosting Editathon events in both English and the local vernacular(ie,Bengali) languages as well Wikimedia Photo Uploading.


Friends Adda  @FreindsFM  #Freinds Birthday:One of the most popular FM channels of Kolkata,Friends FM decided to celebrate their Birthday at the University campus,giving Konstruct a whole new angle altogether in terms of entertainment.Freinds FM,eing the Radio partner for the event,RJ Animesh brought the house down with music,rampwalks and dance from all those present there.Enjoyed ourselves a lot.


Scrollback Camp:Being a Scrollback Campus Buddy myself,I take great pride in describing the Scrollback Camp @Konstruct 2K15.Scrollback,an Open_Source Chat Platform whose source code is hosted on Github is one of the fastest growing chat platforms.Mentor Gautam sharma,Campus Ambassador Srijib Roy and Campus Buddy Ayan Chowdury were present to conduct the event.


Day 3(1st March):

Firefox OS Architechture Details:Firefox OS,an Open-Source Operating System for PCs as well as Phones,was introduced to the audience and its architechture was explained by the speakers in an engrossing manner.


Java Users Group:A lecture on Cloud Computing engrossed the audience for most part of the rest of the day by the Java Users Group.The last event,a fitting ending to KOnstruct 2K15.


Thus ended the technical part of the historic Konstruct 2K15.This was followed by celebrations which stay etched in our memories for eternity .Over three days,Firefox Club @WBUT created history as participants weaved magic through speeches,discussons,shows and inspirational Contribution stories.


VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W


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