MozCoffee Spring Campaign…..#foxyeah

Hi All,

This Is Priyansu Ganguly ,a Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassador and Open-Source Enthusiast.Its with Great joy that I would like to describe my fantastic experience at the MozCoffee Spring Campaign Event held at Café Coffee Day,Park Street,Kolkata today.

The day came with a few agendas such as:

  1. Introductions
    2. Share your story as mozilla contributor
    3. Show some Mozilla related videos
    4. Download / update Firefox browser in participants’ laptop and mobile.
    5. Share some points why should you use firefox
    6. Icebreaker session
    7. Make memes
    8. Take pictures
    9.  Make some small video
    10. Blog and Social media impression (fb and twitter with hash tags‪#‎foxyeah)
    11. Grab some coffee and snacks

We were humbled by the presence of some Mozilla Representatives and Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassadors alike.The evening started off with everybody introducing themselves……..and sharing their contribution stories.The passion and productiveness of the topic was there for all to see.Then Mozilla videos were shown to the newbies as well as the seniors who helped and clarified any doubts we had whatsoever.From future projects to recent updates of Firefox,a great conversation followed.

Next came snacks and coffee for all as we discussed what points we would present to a friend on convincing him to use Firefox.A lot of points came up,some really innovative ones were widely appreciated by Seniors.This was the most interesting part of the evening.Meme making came next,which perhaps found most takers.Interesting memes were created.Hope to create some more.Phones and cameras went click click click as innumerable photos were taken and selfie “kings” appeared out of nowhere.All this and more.And then the traditional cake……All in all a fantastic evening spent………..Hope to have many such in the future.


Here for Open Source……

Here for Firefox……….

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