Firefox Hello is Here…..A Live Demo to My Classmates……

Hi all,

This is Priyansu Ganguly,a Firefox Student Ambassador and Scrolback Campus Buddy from West Bengal University of Technology CSE Department,1st Year.

Mozilla Firefox launched Firefox Hello…and whats more,we as part of Firefox Group@WBUT made an initiative to give a live Demo to our very own freinds.

Hello by Firefox is a cross-platform video chat service so simple that even the common man can use it. Just click the Hello icon, start a new conversation, and copy-paste the link to anyone whom we want to video chat with. No sign-ups required! This is a pathbreker for somone who hates logging in all the time……It works pretty fine on 2G networks and my freinds where very excited.

Firefox Hello is designed to remember all our conversations and keep those links alive until we delete them, so we can give each chat window a unique name for the people we call often. Icing on the cake???

It works on all browsers perfectly which support WebRTC,like Opera,Google Chrome and of course Firefox……… 🙂

The class were given a hands on session and they tried it out live.Excitement ruled as (Ctrl+C) and (Ctrl+V) connected them within moments.




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