Mozilla FSA Information and Web Maker Demo In WBUT In-House

Hi Everybody, I am Priyansu Ganguly,a First year CSE student studying in the In-House Department of West Bengal University of Technology ,Scrollback Campus Buddy and a Firefox Student Ambassador in the Firefox Club @WBUT. Today some 40 odd people of my batch were treated to Mozilla Organisation details and SUMO concepts at one of our classrooms by members of Firefox Group @WBUT.We even recruited some new FSAs into our team.Interested pupils were asked to bring in their laptops as various facets of Mozilla were shown and explained to them. A lot of people showed interests in Mozilla products such as WebMaker,Popcorn,Thimble etc.Contributing to Mozilla became the major topic as the session rolled on…. Finally a few 10-odd interested pupils were enrolled as FSAs…….. Had a great time…… Hope to conduct many such events in the near future….. Here for Mozilla……… Here for Open-Source…… dsc02254yuukjgkhgk


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